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Judge King ran a well organized grassroots campaign in 2013 to serve as Judge in Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.  Since her election Judge King has presided over more than 500 cases that included: Adoptions; Adjudication Hearings; Dispositions (Sentencing) Hearings; Dispositional Review Hearings for Probation and Parole; Motion Hearings; Arraignments; Competency Hearings; Bond Setting Hearings, and Dispositional Hearings for Family in Need of Care.

Judge King approaches each case with deliberate thought and careful consideration for each juvenile and their parent. Judge King is deeply committed to the rule of law, applying it fairly, impartially and treats all parties in the juvenile court system with dignity and respect. Within the first year Judge King has established a solid reputation as a Judge who cares about each juvenile that comes before her on the bench.  She is able to balance compassion with the strict letter of the law. Judge has a heightened sensitivity to the fact that many juveniles and their parents are often overwhelmed and intimidated by the juvenile court system. Judge King takes her time to patiently explain the process and the juvenile rights to both the juvenile and their parents. Judge King guards the integrity of the Judicial System, and will continue to do so by being fair and render Justice to ALL.

Judge King has proven that she is qualified and equipped with the knowledge, skills necessary to continue to serve as a Judge in Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.  Judge King is committed to her community, public safety, and the reduction of crime in our beloved City of New Orleans. Judge King works tirelessly as an active participant in the legal community serving as a fair, compassionate, and knowledgeable Judge. Your vote and support in Judge King’s Re-Election will enable her to continue the progress she has achieved thus far. Thanks you for your on-going support so that Judge King may continue to serve as your Judge in Orleans Parish Juvenile Court, Section “E”.


"Justice balanced with Fairness and Integrity”